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Gorilla Epoxy
New Gorilla Epoxy is made with gap-filling capabilities and an all purpose formula that easily bonds steel, wood, aluminum, ceramic and more. Sets in just 5 minutes and provides high impact resistance for your toughest projects.
Gorilla Super Glue
This new super glue has Impact-Tough Formula, which makes a bond that's impact-resistant. It sets in under a minute, with no clamping required. Projects dry fast and last long, standing up to drops, bumps and bangs.
Gorilla Wood Glue
New Gorilla Wood Glue bonds stronger, faster for wood-to-wood applications. It's hard working and long lasting. What's more, our special formula was created for a variety of wood surfaces, is water-resistant, and ideal for indoor.
Gorilla Glue (Original)
Gorilla Glue, now available in 36oz, is the go-to product for bonding dissimilar surfaces, both indoors and out. Whether you are building, creating or repairing, Gorilla Glue is tough and strong and can help you get the job done right.
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