Tough Stories

We receive amazing Tough Stories all the time, and we love reading them so much that we want to share them with everyone. In a really exciting turn of events, nearly every story that we received this month was about Gorilla Tape! We decided that deserved something special, so we decided to dedicate this month's stories to Gorilla Tape. Here are a few of our favorites!!

Restoring Telephone Poles

09 July 2010

My company was delivering concrete to a new house on Mount Pisgah in Cripple Creek, Colorado. One of the trucks caught a telephone line and broke the pole. We already had a concrete pump truck and another mixer up the hill, so we had to figure something out. Fortunately, there was a Hardware Store/Lumber Yard about a half mile down the road, so I headed that way. I still wasn't quite sure what we were going to do, but we had to do something quick, because it was late afternoon. When I got to the store I got 2 twelve foot 2 X 4s. I need something to attach the base to the pole, and since I have rolls of Gorilla Tape in my home garage and motor home, I just knew it would work. Fortunately, they had a roll of the new Gorilla Tough & Wide Tape, so I bought it. I went back up the mountain to the broken pole, and, needless to say, my Gorilla Tape idea was not met with a very warm reception. We left the wire hooked to the truck, pulled the pole over to the base, Gorilla Taped it, and then braced it with one of the 2 X 4s. We unhooked the line from the truck, pulled him away, and the rest is history. We had to go back to the site recently, and, two weeks later, and the pole hadn't been repaired. It looked just as it did when we left it, even with temperatures in the high 80s and rain nearly every day. Thank you!! - Dan M.

Gorilla Tape Goes Swimming
I love your Gorilla Tape! I live on Lake Martin in Alabama. While working on the trolling motor of my fishing boat, I needed to tape two wires together. I could not find my electrical tape, so I decided to try the Gorilla Tape. Sitting on the front of the boat, I tore a piece of tape off to use for the wires and decided that I should put the roll of tape on the floating dock. When I tossed the tape on the dock, it, of course, landed on the edge and went directly into 12 feet of water. I retrieved the tape 7 months later when the lake went down. To my surprise, other than the cardboard center being a little flimsy the tape worked great after all that time being under water. Thought you would like to hear a positive comment about your products. Thanks for making a great product! -Bob G.

Even an Exploded Radiator is No Match
Last weekend, while on the trail at the Nova Scotia Jeep Club Jamboree, my Jeep radiator exploded, resulting in a 10" crack at the top. I used 3 strips of your tape and some zip ties to hold it so I could refill it with water. Not only did I made it out of the woods, but I drove it 50 km back to base camp. I only added a liter of water twice. Thanks for an amazing product. -Luc B.

Making Music with Gorilla Tape
I can't thank you guys enough for making that Gorilla Tape. I'm a drummer in a band called The Sugar Cane Ninjas. My drum rack broke on me during sound check this past weekend, and I was freaking out. This was 10 minutes before we performed. I wrapped the broken clamp with your tape, and it held. It held up about 400 lbs of drums and cymbals plus the weight of me playing and hitting them. I was impressed and can't thank you guys enough. From now on I will always keep a roll in my gear... a special thanks from The Sugar Cane Ninjas

Placing at the Science Fair with a little help from Gorilla Tape
This past spring my son, Perry Winer, won 3rd place at the 5th grade science fair with his presentation "What Gives?". In his experiment, he tested the strength of 3 types of tape: packing tape, duct tape & Gorilla Tape. He taped the different types at equal lengths along the sides of a 5gal bucket. Then he slowly added sand 1 lb at a time. He repeated this process 3 times per type and recorded his results. As you can probably assume, they were greatly in Gorilla Tape's favor. The exhibit was a favorite amongst fathers at the science fair. Of course, my husband was nearby informing everyone that Gorilla products could be purchased at the local hardware store that he manages. Anyway, I just thought I would share that story with you, and let you know how your tape "measured" up at the West Holt Public School's 5th grade science fair. - Pam W.

Collision Repair
Recently on a trip to Florida in my mother's 2007 Dodge Caliber, I, unfortunately, was in a small collision, and since the car was mostly plastic, it really tore up the front bumper cover. It was flapping around, so we "fixed" it with Gorilla Tape. Since the car was black, it blended nicely and held really well. Before we could get the car fixed, my mother and I were in an accident that totaled the vehicle due to front end damage. The amazing thing was, though the front bumper cover was completely torn off in the accident, it was still attached to the car with the Gorilla Tape repair. Maybe next time I'll just wrap the whole car in Gorilla Tape. LOL Thanks for a great product line! We use the tape and glue extensively for repairs around the house. - Laurie K.

Gorilla Tape Saves the Sailing Trip
There were three generations of us sailing out to the Beaver Island, Michigan archipelago from the mainland. This was to be my grandfather's first sailing trip since he had owned his own sailboat and sailed the archipelago for many years- nothing was going to get in our way. We towed a twenty year old inflatable dinghy with us. During our first night, we were putting back from an island to the boat when all of our feet were swamped; the bottom of the dinghy had ripped out. The next morning, we tried to find an old and unused dinghy at a local marina that we could buy cheaply. When none were found, we decided to try and repair it ourselves. We applied glue which normally would take 24hrs to set, but knew over the length of the trip we'd never get it sealed right. After buying a roll of Gorilla Tape, we dried out the dinghy and taped every possible seam we could, inside and out. The Gorilla Tape performed perfectly, affording us the ability to explore the surrounding islands for five more nights as well as the trip back to the mainland of Michigan. Thank you for living up to your expectations and allowing us to complete this journey with our grandfather. -Clark H.

Telephone pole

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